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Introducing The Ultimate Let’s Get Lost Educator, Librarian and Book Club Guide

Let's Get Lost Book Club GuideHarlequin Teen has assembled The Ultimate Let’s Get Lost Educator, Librarian and Book Club Guide. Whether you are looking for classroom materials,common core example questions or new ways to spark conversation at your next book club meeting, this guide has something for you. Discuss the journey within Let’s Get Lost or dive deeper and engage in thematic discussions on a variety of topics such as character relationships, love and loss, identity and family ties-themes everyone can relate to.

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Interview with author Elizabeth Scott



Hi everyone, I’m Natashya Wilson, the executive editor for Harlequin TEEN, here today with an author I admire and am proud to work with, Elizabeth Scott. Elizabeth’s book HEARTBEAT is her first for Harlequin TEEN, the first we’ve worked on together, and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to grill—er, interview—Elizabeth about the writing and editing experience!





NW: Let’s start with an easy one. What do you love about the editing process?

ES: That it makes the book better!


NW: Okay, now it’s time for hardball. What is the hardest thing about the editing part of creating your books?

ES: When your editor points out something obvious that you’ve totally missed :-)


NW: What kind of self-editing do you do for your books before I ever see them?

ES: I usually do at least two passes before I send a draft to my agent and may have to do a few more after that. I always lose at least 30% of the book, although sometimes it’s more.


NW: When you first began writing, what surprised you about the production process—the work that goes on to make your manuscript a beautiful book?

ES: The lead time! I sold a book in 2005 that didn’t come out until 2009. Thankfully, the wait hasn’t been that long for any of my other books.


NW: What do you know today that you wish you’d known when your first book was published?

ES: That I’m *so* lucky my first novel come out in paperback. At the time, I was embarrassed because it seemed like debuting in hardcover was the way to go, but in retrospect, having my first novel come out in paperback was a great thing as it made it easier for readers to find, and buy, my book.


NW: What do you feel makes a good editor-author relationship?

ES: Honesty. Respect. Without those two, you can’t build a good story.


NW: Was there anything that surprised you about my notes for Heartbeat when you first saw them?

ES: Yes! I thought you’d ask me to make Emma less angry, but you totally got her and pushed me to explore why she was angry more thoroughly. It made Emma, and the story, so much stronger!


NW: Thanks so much Elizabeth! Getting Heartbeat on the shelves has truly been a rewarding and enjoyable experience, and I hope readers embrace it and love Emma and Caleb as much as I do.


Happy reading everyone!


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New York Times bestselling author Carla Neggers delivers an irresistible new story of one woman’s quest for treasure and redemption

CIDER BROOK by Carla Neggers (2)









Enjoy this exclusive letter from Carla!

Who isn’t intrigued by the secrets of a small town? I know I am! In CIDER BROOK, my latest Swift River Valley novel, Samantha Bennett digs out the surprising secrets of an abandoned nineteenth-century cider mill and the man who owns it, a tough-minded volunteer firefighter with deep roots in little Knights Bridge.

Ah, Knights Bridge. This pretty New England village is my creation, but I grew up in a similar town on the edge of the Swift River Valley, or Quabbin Valley, as it’s also known, a beautiful and very real place in the middle of Massachusetts.

When I was seven, we moved into an eighteenth-century carriage house on the western edge of Quabbin Reservoir. The original farmhouse burned down long ago, well before the first houses were demolished to create Quabbin, a massive water project of the first half of the 20th Century that forever changed this region. Four towns much like my hometown were wiped off the map when dams were built to capture the pristine waters of the Swift River and flood the picturesque valley where it flowed, creating a reservoir to provide drinking water for metropolitan Boston.

I’m the third of seven siblings, and all of us were under ten when we moved into our fixer-upper. We had such adventures exploring the loft, sheds and crawl spaces for hidden treasures. Various nooks and crannies yielded things like a stunning brass bed frame, an antique hand-cranked coffee-grinder, boxes of rolls for the turn-of-the-century player piano that came with the house, dozens of musty books and far too many mice skeletons. The house had one cold-water faucet (imagine that with seven kids!) and no central heat, but it’s a gem of a place now, crooked and quirky, retaining its warmth and character, and no doubt a few of its secrets.

The yard included several very old apple trees. A Baldwin tree is still there, up by the well. We used to pick apples every fall and make applesauce and pies (the apples aren’t great for eating), and, of course, we had the occasional rotten-apple fight. This past fall, I picked apples with my mother and my four-year-old grandson. He loved climbing up on the gnarly branches and instructing us on how to pick an apple without hurting the tree!

While CIDER BROOK and the first two Swift River Valley books, SECRETS OF THE LOST SUMMER and THAT NIGHT ON THISTLE LANE, spring from my imagination, the Knights Bridge at the heart of the series draws on my familiarity with small New England towns…and their secrets.





Unlikely partners bound by circumstance…or by fate?

Being rescued by a good-looking, bad-boy firefighter isn’t how Samantha Bennett expected to start her stay in Knights Bridge, Massachusetts. Now she has everyone’s attention—especially that of Justin Sloan, her rescuer, who wants to know why she was camped out in an abandoned old New England cider mill.

Samantha is a treasure hunter who has returned to Knights Bridge to solve a three-hundred-year-old mystery and salvage her good name. Justin remembers her well. He’s the one who alerted her late mentor to her iffy past and got her fired. But just because he doesn’t trust her doesn’t mean he can resist her. Samantha is daring, determined, seized by wanderlust—everything that strong, stoic Justin never knew he wanted. Until now…



“[A] beautifully described tale that rewards readers with an intriguing mystery as well as a deliciously satisfying romance.”



“Neggers emotionally charged story is masterful–an intense mystery and complex romance all in one. Her beautifully flowing narrative is imaginative, the main couple is compelling and their co-stars are essential to the story. It’s simply wonderful!”

RT Book Reviews, Top Pick, on THAT NIGHT ON THISTLE LANE




Secrets of the Lost Summer

Book 1: Secrets of the Lost Summer

ISBN: 978-0-7783-1311-3

MMP • February 2012


That Night on a Thistle Lane

Book 2: That Night on Thistle Lane

ISBN: 978-0-7783-1420-2

MMP • February 2013


CIDER BROOK by Carla Neggers (2)

Book 3: Cider Brook

ISBN: 978-0-7783-1588-9

MMP • February 2014

Posted in Featured Books, Harlequin for Libraries Book Club on 15. Jan, 2014

Let’s Get Lost-Cover Reveal for 2014’s most anticipated YA debut

Let’s GeLet's Get Lostt Lost is the story of Leila, a mysterious and enigmatic girl whose epic trip north brings her into the lives of four very different teens. Hudson, Bree, Elliot and Sonia have one thing in common: they are all desperately in need of a friend, someone to guide them as their lives change irrevocably. And the caring, adventurous Leila is just the person to help. But who is Leila really—and who will help her find her way? As the miles go by and Leila reveals partial glimpses of herself to her different traveling companions, the reader gradually gains a fuller understanding of our mysterious traveler and the unforgettable reasons behind her journey in this must-read novel.

Adi Alsaid’s debut novel, Let’s Get Lost, delivers a captivating, coming-of-age cross-country road trip. A story about love, loss, and finding yourself, it will keep readers enthralled and pleasingly off-balance in equal measure.

Read an exclusive excerpt just by clicking here.

Available August 2014, wherever books are sold. Pre-order now:

Hardcover: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Indigo


Request a galley from us by e-mailing us at Libraries@Harlequin.ca and we will notify you when galleys are available.

**Please write a short note about your role at the Library when you e-mail us**


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